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Our Library...

This page is intended to be a library of resources and general information
that may be of interest to both the General Public and to PCCG members.

The listings below are alphabetical and can be accessed by everybody.

Some items have been moved here from the Main Menu, in order to eventually reduce
the size of the Main Menu that appears at the top of most wx4pg.org webpages.



Additional Resources

Items in the following list are available to both non-members and PCCG members alike.

About PCCG
Describes the PCCG organization and its members.
Needs revision. Contains duplicate information from the main page,
and there is also an "about PCCG" topic in the General Bulletin Board.
(click to view Bulletin Board version).

Digital Modes
Digital Modes. What are they? How is PCCG using them?

Information on past and future Exercises.

Information on PCCG facilities and Repeater Huts.

Links to Other Sites
A collection of links to other web sites.

PCCG Newsletter
Not available yet. Waiting for selection of newsletter editor.

This was a collection of Newspaper Articles and Photos about the members of PCCG.
The remote site is no longer operational, and as items have been located and retreived,
they will be posted in this section.

Explains the Teams concept as used by PCCG.

Training Opportunities. Also watch the Calendar and Announcement pages for scheduled events.

This page contains links to weather sites and additional information about the weather.

Site Credits Our thanks to those that have provided suggestions, material, and ideas for this website, and also for those who help keep it running.



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