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It is now 12:29 am, Tuesday, March 28, 2023 in Pickens County, SC.

There will be a weather net and an informal net this evening at 8 pm.
Our April Monthly Meeting will be on Tuesday, 4 April 2023 at 7 pm.


Weekly RACES net

The Pickens County Emergency Communications RACES Net is held every Tuesday night at 8pm Eastern time on linked Repeater frequencies of 443.450 mhz and 147.195 mhz in Pickens County, South Carolina.

All licensed Amateur Radio Operators are invited to attend regardless of ARES or Pickens County Emergency Communications affiliation. Checkins can be made via any of the linked repeaters or via Echolink or ALLSTAR.

Any Station with Emergency or Priority traffic during the net, will be immediately recognized.

Note: The weekly RACES net is NOT held on the first tuesday of the month, as most members are attending the regular monthly meeting at the Pickens County EOC.

The weekly net is broken into two parts:

1) The first part (generally lasting 10 to 15 minutes) is a formal net where stations are recognized and traffic (if any) can be listed and handled.

Traffic can be Emergency or Priority traffic, or it can be notices of general interest to the rest of the net members.

2) The second part is an informal net where each partipating station is given at least one chance to speak to the rest of the members of the net.

When checking into the RACES Net, Please state slowly and clearly, your call sign, name and location, and if you have traffic for the net or wish to participate in the informal net.


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