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PCCG Training Exercises and Activities

Note: A short list of training opportunities can be found on our training oportunities page.

As is often the case during communication exercises conducted nationally, statewide, or locally by groups such as PCCG, ARES, AUXCOM, those involved in the exercise are usually too busy to also take pictures.     End Result:   Often there are no pictures to post here.

While PCCG has always reported the total manpower/hours spent during each exercise, those records have not always been made part of our permanent records. Starting in 2023, Individual Participation is now recorded and reported as part of most activities. In the future, overall activity statistics for each event, will also be posted in this website.

As documentation and pictures can be gathered, any and all Training Exercises (Present, Past, and Future) that involved PCCG members will be listed here.

If  YOU  have any information about any previous PCCG training exercises, please contact the PCCG Webmaster.

Many of the pictures displayed in the exercise and activity pages listed below are available at a higher resolution then what is displayed with each event.   The majority of the pictures are at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Some are available at 2048 x 1536 pixels or higher.   If you would like a copy of a picture at a higher resolution, please contact the webmaster.


  June 2024

  2024 Field Day
  not available yet.

[Story line and editing needed;
(13 pictures @ 2048x1536 avail, 6 Mb storage)
      [reduce pictures to 800x600]
(11 videos avail, each are 3 sec to 18 sec long, 52 Mb storage)
      [needs editing or splicing]

  March 2024

  Pickens County Communication Exercise
  Test Scenario: Earthquake
  Secondary objective: Verify Six-Mile Repeater coverage
  October 2023

  Pickens County Communication Exercise
  Objective: Verify Glassy Mountain &
  Caesars Head Repeater coverage areas.
  February 2023

  South Carolina Emergency Management Division
  Quarterly EmComm training
  2020 - 2022

  Most training activities were stay at home exercises
  because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Meetings were
  via ZOOM. Thus no pictures.
  February 2018

  South Carolina Emergency Management Division
  Quarterly EmComm training
  January 2018

  South Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team





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