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24 April 2021
Saturday 06:20:06

Today Saturday, April 24, 9am to 4pm
The South Carolina State Wide Communiations Exercise.

Additional Objectives: Establish County Communication Network

Create a functional network within the county to obtain observational reports.
Establish County to County communication network for simplex relay.
Establish an alternate communication path that doesn’t use repeaters.

County EOC’s

T1.  Use the assigned county tactical frequency, contact as many operators within the county aspossible, recording time, Call Sign and County location.  

T2.  Use the statewide coordinating frequency contact as many county EOCs as possible, recording time, Call Sign and Facility.

T3.  Use any HF frequency to make contact within the state and record time call sign, and county.

T4.  Report contact totals for each mode by Call Sign at the designated time to the SEOC

/s/ Gabe Turner

19 April 2021
Monday 09:21:21

On Saturday morning, April 24, 9am to 4pm. The South Carolina State Wide Communiations Exercise will be held.

Demonstrate the ability to pass traffic to the State EOC

Demonstrate the ability to use simplex

Demonstrate the ability to use all resources available.

Demonstrate the ability to relay traffic accurately!

You should be familiar with how to fill out:

ICS-214 (activity log, the State EOC calls this the position log)

ICS-205 Communications log

ICS-213 general message

All participents should stay alert, surprises are planned.

/s/ Bill Turner, wb4alm - PCCG Webmaster

30 September 2020
Wednesday 11:37:21

On Saturday morning, September 26, the new 220 mhz Spectra repeater on Caesars Head (224.140) was put on an Arcom RC210 controller. It has now the capability of linking to the 442.400 repeater when needed and the WARNS system for SKYWARN WX warnings. The repeater has been on the internal controller for a while since the repeater was installed.

New antennas were also installed on Echolink node 4031, Allstar node 40642, and Radio Reference Saturday evening.

The 224.400Mhz repeater on Glassy Mountain has changed callsigns, the new call sign is WX4PG. We will get the Repeater voice announcement updated ASAP.

/s/ Mandell, WR4XM

15 November 2017
Wednesday 17:00:00

The Motorola MTR2000 UHF on 442.400 was installed Wednesday evening, November 15th on Caesars Head. The 6 meter link is disconnected, but will be connected at a latter time when more time is available. The link to the 2 meter will be operational for the net on Tuesday.


15 November 2017
Wednesday 17:00:00
GRIDX Exercise.  

We would Like to thank the 12 members that participated in the South Carolina Gridx drill on Wednesday, November 15th with the Pickens County Emergency Management Agency (EOC) and South Carolina ARES.   Pickens was one of the 6 counties that activated their EOC, and 24 South Carolina Counties participated in some fashion.   I think we all learned a lot, and this will be a topic of discussion at our next monthly meeting.

In Pickens County, the following members participated:
Connie Bowen, N4SBQ
Harry Davis, N4DDS
Mary Hoffken, KJ4UYO
Ronald Lewis, K4RDL
Cliff Mcleod, WB4DPP
Thomas Phillips, N4ARS
Mandell Rigdon, WR4XM
John Sargent, KN4GTI
Eric Sloan, KO4MZ
Jack Taylor, KK4ZJV
Rich Tillotson, WA4SSJ
Bill Turner, WB4ALM

James Littleton, WB4LZT participated in Anderson County.

10 November 2017
Friday 09:00:00

From: Jake Wimberley [mailto:jacob.wimberley@noaa.gov]
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2017 3:38 PM
Subject: Skywarn Recognition Day 2017


The annual Skywarn Recognition Day is approaching. This year it is December 2, 0000-2400 UTC. At the NWS office at Greenville-Spartanburg, we are planning to participate this year, and host a special event station. We will only be participating during the day (EST) Saturday, December 2. I have registered for callsign W4G to use during this event.

I expect to be here at 8:00 a.m. so we can start setting up.
Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 8:00 a.m.
We'll plan to start shutting things down at 5:00 p.m.

Details on the event can be found here: http://hamradio.noaa.gov

Due to security concerns we cannot make this a public event, or even open to all hams. If you are receiving this message from me, we have you listed as a known contact in the Skywarn/ARES community. In recognition of your service to the NWS, we are formally inviting you to join us for SRD.

We have an opening in the wall of our conference room through which cables can be run; most recently we had visiting hams set up radios on the conference room and connect to portable antennas in our side yard. As our office ham station is not currently in operation, this is what we will have to plan on for this year. Weather permitting, we can probably arrange for those bringing equipment to come to the office the evening before the event, in order to set things up.

If you are interested in attending Skywarn Recognition Day, please respond to this message. If you would like to bring other active hams from your respective organizations, we can accommodate a small number. Please indicate that as well.

If you are willing to volunteer your equipment (particularly portable antennas), also let me know. I will coordinate the equipment setup after finding out the interest.

Map showing our office location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/1549+GSP+Dr,+Greer,+SC+29651/

Thanks & 73,
Jake Wimberley, K4ZAU
Meteorologist (General Forecaster), AWIPS Focal Point, Amateur Radio Focal Point
NWS WFO Greenville-Spartanburg, SC

4 November 2017
Saturday 21:51:00
SKYWARN Open House and Special Events station WX4CAE

We just received an email from Billy Irwin, K9OH (South Carolina ARES, Section Emergency Coordinator) about an announcement that he received recently from Doug Anderson, N4NWS in the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Columbia, SC about an up and coming SKYWARN event...

Click here to view the 2017 SKYWARN Recognition Day Open House Announcement (This event is not for the public, and is only for SKYWARN Spotters and/or Ham Radio Operators involved or interested in SKYWARN)

The Open House will be held in Columbia on Saturday, 02 December 2017 from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. pre-registration is required.

Doug would prefer that you use this Registration form to pre-register ,

Or you can email Doug

Doug Anderson
Hydrometeorological Technician/Acting OPL
National Weather Service Forecast Office Columbia, SC

25 October 2017
Wednesday 08:05:38
An email was forwarded to me this morning that was originally from Denise Kwiatek, Director of the Pickens County Emergency Management (EOC). She provided a link to an article that was published in the Duke Energy illumination Magazine about Amateur Radio. The article also highlight's some of what we do for the Pickens County EOC and also with Duke Energy and the Oconee County EOC in the every two year graded exercise that is required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the Duke Energy Oconee Nuclear Station.

The article why ham radio maintains its essential appeal can be read by clicking on the link, while I figure out a way to post articles like this directly on our website.

I'm open to any suggestions...such as a new category that provides links to the original stories and/or to pages stored on our website. Lots of things to consider, such as copyrights, etc.

/s/ Bill Turner, WB4ALM
wx4pg.org Webmaster

7 October 2017
Saturday 18:00:00
Work was completed today on the antenna for the DMR repeater
for internet access from Glassy Mountain.

We are now on the SC Hearts Network.
Frequencies are 442.3125 RX And 447.3125 TX.

Ron Lewis K4RDL, Eric Sloan KO4MZ, Connie Bowen N4SBQ and Mandell Rigdon WR4XM worked on the project. Pictures will be available soon on the www.wx4pg.org website Media page.

7 October 2017
Saturday 11:10:33
Don't forget to reserve some time for the South Carolina State Wide EOC exercise currently scheduled for November 15 and 16. More details to follow.

7 October 2017
Saturday 19:25:43
Edward Teagle (Ed) N4SSC became a silent key today. Receiving friends is from 5-6 Monday evening October 9, 2017 at Shady Grove Baptist Church. Memorial Service follows at 6 pm. Any one from our group that can go, please do. Our prayers are with the family. Anyone that do not know where the church is, please get in touch with Mandell.

3 October 2017
Tuesday 21:00:00
During the October Monthly meeting tonight, it was announced that the DMR repeater is now connected to the Internet and that the antennas will be permanently mounted in the near future.

12 September 2017
Tuesday 06:09:41

The "Flash Message" and "Announcements" mechanisms are now available on our website.

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For additional details, contact the Webmaster.

11 September 2017
Monday 09:16:12

Today is 9/11 ...
Never forget September 11, 2001.

(This is a test message.)

1 September 2017
Friday 20:20:20
The new WX4PG.ORG website is now live and online.



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