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The Pickens County Communications Group (PCCG) would like to thank the following individuals for their support in building and maintaining this website!


Website Content

Bill Turner, WB4ALM     (team lead)
Mandell Rigdon, WR4XM   Tom Poole, W4ATP
Ron Lewis, K4RDL   James Littleton, WB4LZT
Harry Davis, N4DDS   Andy Morris, KI4LZI
Denise Kwiatek   Ryan Hansome
      and the PCCG general membership.


Website Design, Maintenance and Support

Bill Turner, WB4ALM     (team lead)
Don Tolar, KE0MUM
Tom Poole, W4ATP
Ron Lewis, K4RDL
Billy Irwin, K9OH

and the various members of the Internet Forums who were willing to answer questions about potential software solutions, and who shared their experiences with the HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, SQLite and ooREXX programming languages.

Special thanks to Vincent Ong (Manila, Philippines), for the open source programming code (vSignin & vAuthenticate) he released in 2003, which provided a good starting point for Bill Turner's SignInOrUp software used to control access to the PCCG MembersOnly areas.




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