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To be able to access any of the members-only pages or view controlled (or hidden) information on some public pages, you must be an active member of the Pickens County Communications Group (PCCG) and you must sign-in to this site using your username and password to establish your membership credentials.

After successfully logging in, you will be granted appropiate access to information and facilities not generally available to non-members.

If you are not a member of PCCG, and you wish to join the Pickens County Emergency Communications Group, you can click here for access to an Online Application Form.   After filling out the form, you will be contacted by a member of the membership committee for a brief interview.

Please note that since the PCCG is an official volunteer division of the Pickens County, SC Emergency Management Department, and due to...

(1) the nature of the communications that we may be required to handle;

(2) our access to the Radios in the EOC PCCG Radio Room, and the PCCG Communications Trailer;

(3) and our access to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and its statewide communications systems and nets;

A background check will be required before PCCG membership can be approved.

Also note, PCCG members are   NOT   First Responders --- we are communicators (both mobile and fixed base) and we are only officially activated upon request of the Pickens County Emergency Management Director or designee, and that all official operations are conducted using FEMA Incident Control System guidelines.   Full membership is granted after some basic training has been completed.

We do conduct several weekly Radio Nets (membership not required), and conduct membership training sessions as appropiate to keep everybody's training up to date.

For more information on our nets, please click here.



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