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24 April 2021
Saturday 06:20:06

Today Saturday, April 24, 9am to 4pm
The South Carolina State Wide Communiations Exercise.

Additional Objectives: Establish County Communication Network

Create a functional network within the county to obtain observational reports.
Establish County to County communication network for simplex relay.
Establish an alternate communication path that doesn’t use repeaters.

County EOC’s

T1.  Use the assigned county tactical frequency, contact as many operators within the county aspossible, recording time, Call Sign and County location.  

T2.  Use the statewide coordinating frequency contact as many county EOCs as possible, recording time, Call Sign and Facility.

T3.  Use any HF frequency to make contact within the state and record time call sign, and county.

T4.  Report contact totals for each mode by Call Sign at the designated time to the SEOC

/s/ Gabe Turner

19 April 2021
Monday 09:21:21

On Saturday morning, April 24, 9am to 4pm. The South Carolina State Wide Communiations Exercise will be held.

Demonstrate the ability to pass traffic to the State EOC

Demonstrate the ability to use simplex

Demonstrate the ability to use all resources available.

Demonstrate the ability to relay traffic accurately!

You should be familiar with how to fill out:

ICS-214 (activity log, the State EOC calls this the position log)

ICS-205 Communications log

ICS-213 general message

All participents should stay alert, surprises are planned.

/s/ Bill Turner, wb4alm - PCCG Webmaster



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