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15 November 2017
Wednesday 17:00:00

The Motorola MTR2000 UHF on 442.400 was installed Wednesday evening, November 15th on Caesars Head. The 6 meter link is disconnected, but will be connected at a latter time when more time is available. The link to the 2 meter will be operational for the net on Tuesday.


15 November 2017
Wednesday 17:00:00
GRIDX Exercise.  

We would Like to thank the 12 members that participated in the South Carolina Gridx drill on Wednesday, November 15th with the Pickens County Emergency Management Agency (EOC) and South Carolina ARES.   Pickens was one of the 6 counties that activated their EOC, and 24 South Carolina Counties participated in some fashion.   I think we all learned a lot, and this will be a topic of discussion at our next monthly meeting.

In Pickens County, the following members participated:
Connie Bowen, N4SBQ
Harry Davis, N4DDS
Mary Hoffken, KJ4UYO
Ronald Lewis, K4RDL
Cliff Mcleod, WB4DPP
Thomas Phillips, N4ARS
Mandell Rigdon, WR4XM
John Sargent, KN4GTI
Eric Sloan, KO4MZ
Jack Taylor, KK4ZJV
Rich Tillotson, WA4SSJ
Bill Turner, WB4ALM

James Littleton, WB4LZT participated in Anderson County.



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