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7 October 2017
Saturday 19:25:43
Edward Teagle (Ed) N4SSC became a silent key today. Receiving friends is from 5-6 Monday evening October 9, 2017 at Shady Grove Baptist Church. Memorial Service follows at 6 pm. Any one from our group that can go, please do. Our prayers are with the family. Anyone that do not know where the church is, please get in touch with Mandell.

12 September 2017
Tuesday 06:09:41

The "Flash Message" and "Announcements" mechanisms are now available on our website.

At this time, only the webmaster can create either message type. When a Flash message is available, it will be displayed as a single line scrolling message on a yellow bar on three separate webpages: (1) on the main page, (2) on the mobile page, (3) on the announcements page.

A reminder message will also be displayed on the main page and the mobile page whenever announcements have been posted with the number of outstanding messages and the date range on when they were posted.

The full text of an announcement is only displayed on the Announcements page and eventually each announcement will be moved to the announcement archive page.

For additional details, contact the Webmaster.

11 September 2017
Monday 09:16:12

Today is 9/11 ...
Never forget September 11, 2001.

(This is a test message.)

1 September 2017
Friday 20:20:20
The new WX4PG.ORG website is now live and online.



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